Top 5 Vegan Leather Handbags at Nordstrom

The Summer 2020 Edition

Thanks to the Earth’s relentless brainwashing techniques from making summers (and in some places winters) intolerably hot, thus us adverse to heat and filling our lungs with greenhouses gases, the Happening is now… happening. Luckily, the Earth doesn’t want us to be suicidal, just sustainable, and a few enlightened individuals (no, not me, but you’re welcome) are gracing us with fashion-friendly products that celebrate everything eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, farm-raised, homegrown, plant-powered, (insert your favorite hyphenated word here), etc.; including handbags. What better place to start than with an industry that puts on display and celebrates the tortured lives and deaths of hundreds of millions of animals a year?

This got away from me…but without further ado:
OMG, you guys, I’m oBssessssssed with these stylish handbags from Nordys.

Crossbody faux leather handbag

This faux-leather bag features a chic buckle detail and a compact, structured shape that pairs well with almost anything in your closet.

Black eco-friendly, faux crocodile tote bag.

A croc-embossed finish brings textural intrigue to this spacious and stylish faux-leather tote.

A roomy flap backpack of grainy faux leather is designed with a large inner zip pocket for extra storage and a swingy tassel for a boho-chic touch. 


Perfectly sized to hold your smartphone and a couple of cards, this half-moon wristlet covered in trend-smart snake embossing just might become your new bestie.
A generously sized signature tote made from durable faux leather for everyday use opens to reveal a pretty pink interior complete with a zip pouch.


Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products and brands I love.

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