Celebrate A Sustainable Mother’s Day with TAMGA Designs

Our favorite Mother-Earth-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

TAMGA is a brand that wants to set a positive example for the fashion industry, believing that we should create clothing with respect for the future of style, people, and the planet in mind. The brand sums up its vision as, “We believe in better fashion for a brighter future.”

Born from witnessing the rubble of a 2014 garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, it was made painfully clear to TAMGA owners that it was their role as consumers that led to the tragedy. 

“Our journey building TAMGA has been far from a fairytale, but undoubtedly our biggest adventure yet. From days spent buying fabric in the chaotic textile markets of Dhaka, to months on the road building our own supply chain from scratch, we’ve been solely focused on one goal: proving that fashion can be a force for good.”

Our Mother's Day Picks

Ember Dress
Marga Mini Dress
Trees Please Tee Crew
Nina Kimono
Bethari Dress
Rove Crew Tee
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